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Halloween…A Spooky Day

Halloween is the one day when we explore the eerie side of life . . . and death. Each year haunted houses and ghosts make October 31 a spooky, scary day. But it's also a day on which many notable have died, from both natural and unnatural causes. Ramon Novarro was as...

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TO GO BOLDLY . . . Funerals in Space

The first memorial service in space was in held in 1997, when a private company sold “seats” to carry the ashes of 24 people (including Gene  Roddenberry, the creator or Star Trek)  into sub-orbit. The remains were carried in capsules, comparable in size to a standard...

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Pet Trust Primer

Those of us who think of our companion animals as family members are becoming aware of the fact that part of our responsibility to these dependent creatures is to make sure that their care and comfort continue uninterrupted should we become incapable of caring for...

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