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Fall Winter 2019 Newsletter

Durable Power of Attorney – A Very Powerful Document

Spring Summer 2019 Newsletter

Don’t Forget to Update Your Estate Plan After Divorce or Remarriage

Fall Winter 2018 Newsletter

The Biggest Estate Plan Mistake: Losing the Documents

Spring Summer 2018 Newsletter

The New Tax Law: Estate and Gift Tax

Fall Winter 2017 Newsletter

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Pets in Your Estate Plan

Spring Summer 2017 Newsletter

Mutual Funds: The Good, the Bad, and the Fine Print

Fall Winter 2016 Newsletter

NEW LAW: The Funeral Representative Designation Act
You can now designate who has the right to make decisions about your funeral arrangements, cremation, burial, etc.

Spring Summer 2016 Newsletter

Guidance for your Successor Trustee on Permissible Distributions to Trust Beneficiaries
Definitions of Health, Support, Maintenance and Education.

Fall Winter 2015 Newsletter

Understanding Gift, Estate Taxes

Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter

What’s involved in Being an Estate Executor?

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Did you cash those Savings Bonds You Got as a Kid?

Spring 2014 Newsletter

NEW LAW: Regarding Transferring Real Estate to Family Members
You can now transfer real estate to certain family members without “uncapping” the property taxes.

Fall 2013 Newsletter

Planning Your Estate
Questions to Ask in Choosing the Right Person for the Position.
Who are appropriate to act as Executor, Trustee, Power of Attorney, Patient Advocate and Guardians of minor children.

Spring 2013 Newsletter

After the Death of a Loved One: Checklist for administering an Estate

Summer 2012 Newsletter

Make Plans for your Digital Estate
Appoint a person to deal with your online accounts and computer files after you are gone.

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Remember: It is important to fund your Revocable Living Trust
Contact an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney
“Karen, we really, really appreciate you! The better the planning we do, the luckier we have been, which is why I brought Aunt Betty to you 14 years ago, and we have sought your advice throughout. She is at peace knowing she doesn’t need to worry about managing estate-related choices in her final days.“

Jay Smith

“Thanks for taking such good care of us and making it easy to ask questions. I appreciate not being made to feel stupid for asking questions. It was a lovely gift at a tough time.“

Charlie Patricolo